COASTAL DESIGN LAB is an Integrated Design Studio of the Master Architecture Program of the Polytechnic School of Genoa (IT), dAD Department Architecture and Design. COASTAL DESIGN LAB is coordinated by Full Professor Architect Carmen Andriani.

From 2014, COASTAL DESIGN LAB works in the field of architecture and urbanism, focusing in particular on infrastructures, port cities, weak landscapes and urban regeneration. In recent years, COASTAL DESIGN LAB‘s research has focused on port cities and, in particular, on border areas placed between the two territories and legal authorities. A main topic is the redevelopment of the heritage placed along and across the common boundary, such as the former grain silo Hennebique, the Enel thermoelectric plant (both in Genoa), the La Spezia Naval Technical Museum and the The Priamar Fortress in Savona.

In 2018/2019, COASTAL DESIGN LAB#5 worked on the regeneration of the Polcevera Valley in Genoa, after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in August 2018.

In 2019/2020, COASTAL DESIGN LAB#6 has developed a complex project for the reuse and enhancement of the external and internal spaces of the Fortress of Priamàr in Savona.

In 2020/2021, COASTAL DESIGN LAB#7 has developed projects in the city of Rome, specifically on the topic of NEGLECTED MODERNISM, addressing the he completion of unfinished architecture of the Ala Cosenza within the Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna – GNAM.

In 2021/2022, COASTAL DESIGN LAB#8 worked on the middle city of Reus (Spain) developing “REUS, Living&Working in Heritage, The City Foreseen“. This project addresses the design topic of collective and innovative housing, by fostering a more sustainable management and sharing of architectural heritage and landscape.

In 2022/2023, COASTAL DESIGN LAB#9IL CAMPUS E LA COSTA. Living&Working in Savona University Campus“will work on the Savona University Campus (Italy), dealing with the redevelopment of the external public areas, the expansion of some buildings through the inclusion of residential functions for students and a lodge, as well as the design of the boundary spaces between the campus and the city and of some integrative poles located along the coast.

Parallel to the teaching activity, COASTAL DESIGN LAB develops autonomous projects, such as publications, conferences and exhibitions.

Cover: The Savona University Campus embedded in the city’s infrastructure and coastal system. Graphic elaboration: R. Cereghino, 2022.